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Double Dipp'd Dip Powder

Non Stick Hema Free Builder Gel/Carving Gel

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Wax like Builder Gel used easily to build your nail, reinforce or use for carving/designs or embellishments!  Comes in 6 colors! Marshmallow, Glass, Coral, Blush, Rose and Buff. 

You will need a UV/LED Lamp to cure this gel.

Instructions for use:

Using with Forms (Paper or Dual)

  1. Prep (lightly buff) and cleanse your nails and push back cuticles.
  2.  Apply your Bond/Primer to the entire nail and let dry.
  3.  Apply 1 layer of Gel Base and cure for 30 seconds under LED or 60 seconds under UV light.
  4.  Add some of the Builder Gel to your form and press with finger or Nail Tool to desired shape. (Do NOT mix with any liquid or gel. Gel will be waxing feeling and will harden when cured). This gel does NOT need to be applied in thin layers like liquid builder gel.
  5. Cure for 60 seconds. Remove form, file and buff to desired shape.  You are now ready for your Dip Powder or Gel products!
  6. To remove, either file off or soak off.

Using as a Carving Gel or for embellishments

  1. Do one layer of Gel Base and cure 30 seconds on your nail. (you can do this right on your finished mani BEFORE your top coat).  Gel needs a rough surface to adhere to.
  2. Take some of the Gel out of the pot and form to the shape you’d like and press onto the nail. Using a nail tool (silicone, metal, or the like), make your design or add your embellishments to the non sticky builder gel and cure for 60 seconds.
  3. Add your Gel Top and cure according to instructions on your bottle.
  4. If you wish to chrome over the design, you would do that prior to curing the design fully. Flash cure the design only for 15 seconds or so. (Timing will depend on your lamp wattage) and then chrome and add your Gel Top and Cure.

INGREDIENTS: Acrylate Oligomers, Acrylate Monomer, UV Photoinitiator.

Should you experience any discomfort while using this product, stop using and contact a healthcare provider if needed.

More Info

As of 2/1/24, all dip powders are being filled by volume in 1/4 oz jars (filled to the top) and no longer sold by weight, as they had previously been. However, many powders that were filled prior to that will still be in jars that were filled by weight. Powders filled in 1 oz jars (mostly our Clear Glows and Clear) will be noted in the listing as such. A small amount of settling will occur during shipment.

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of these products, we do not offer refunds.

Should you have any issues or concerns with our products, please reach out to us using the chat feature on this websute and we will do our best to rectify the issue.