A Little Bit About Us

With more than 5 years under our belt, Double Dipp’d Custom Dip Powder continues to bring the BEST quality nail products to your door!  We are a small family run business which brings customers a wide variety of custom mixed colors that will not be found elsewhere. When you contact Double Dipp’d, you are contacting me! With help from my supportive husband and adult children, I will be the one to help with questions and concerns, as well as the one making the powders, cleaning up the mess, placing orders, receiving and inventorying orders, listing stock on the website and much much more! These are my creations and I try to put a little bit of me into each powder I make. Double Dipp’d is now bringing dip powders, enhancement powders, dip liquids, gel liquids and a variety of other accessories to your home! Thank you for all the love and support I have received! Enjoy making your nails strong, unique and beautiful with Double Dipp’d Dip Powder.

About our Powders

Our dip powder is pure dip powder that is organic, cruelty free, BPO free and free from harmful chemicals.  It is the clearest and finest milled dip powder on the market today!  This is also the base for our creations.  You will end up with a manicure to be proud of!

Ingredients & Allergen Information: 

Polymethyl Methacrylate, Polyethyl Methacrylate, Polybutyl Methacrylate.  Powders may also contain polyester glitters, foils and various pigments.  

Our Reflective Glitter powders consist of some known allergens.  Please see below in red for composition of the glitter.

Urethane acrylic resin (30-40%), Epoxy acrylic resin (20-30%), Polyester acrylic resin (10-20%), Acrylic (5-30%), Additives (5-10%) And Aluminized layer (0.5-1%)

For external use only.  If an allergic reaction should occur, discontinue use and consult with a licensed physician.

Jar Size & Weight: All powders, except subscription powders, are sold by weight. Therefore, depending on the composition of each powder, your jars may not be equal in proportion between different colors. BEGINNING IN 2024, WE WILL BE FILLING JARS BY VOLUME (TO THE TOP OF THE JARS).  BECAUSE WE SELL PRE-FILLED JARS, WE HAVE MANY IN STOCK POWDERS THAT WILL STILL BE ONLY AVAILABLE AND SOLD BY WEIGHT.  BEGINNING WITH OUR FEBRUARY NEW RELEASES AND ANY RESTOCKS FROM JANUARY FORWARD, WE WILL BE INTRODUCING THIS POLICY.  THEREFORE, SOME POWDERS YOU RECEIVE WILL BE 1/4 OZ AND OTHERS WILL BE FILLED TO THE TOP AND NOT WEIGHED.  DEPENDING ON THE DENSITY OF THE POWDER, YOU WILL ULTIMATELY GET MORE OR LESS POWDER BY WEIGHT.  (Generally, when filling by volume, your glows, heavy glitters and more dense powders will be more than 1/4 oz and your flakes and lighter powders will be slightly less than 1/4 oz.  Our jars are 1/4 oz in size.). Clear Glows and Clear come in larger jars.

Images of Colors May Vary Slightly: While we try our hardest to capture the true color of each powder, many factors including the number of dips you apply, lighting differences and using gel liquids vs. dip liquids may alter your color from our photos. Many of our photos come from our customers.