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Double Dipp'd Dip Powder

Liquid Chromes

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Liquid Chromes are the newest in nail technology! They allow us to easily wipe on and rub the gorgeous colors onto your nails!  You can use these with Dip or Gel Liquids!  I have provided instructions for using them both ways in this listing.  Additionally, when you purchase, you will receive an instruction card with your purchase!

We have 5 colors available and have named them the “Fairy Collection”. These colors look different depending on the base color on your nails. Notice from the photos the dramatic difference from white to black base! How fun are these? 

BRAND NEW on 4/23 are 6 colors having been named the "Mermaid Collection."  These colors my be one color in the tube, but will show different on your nails depending on what your base color is. All shown over Casper the Friendly Glowst (White) on left and Black Pearl (Black) on right.


1.  Dip your nails as usual using the instructions provided with your liquids.

2.  After your nails are completely dry, wipe on your Liquid Chrome evenly.

3.  Wait approx. 10 seconds then, with your finger, (or Makeup Sponge) vigorously rub the chrome into your nail, but do not rub too hard.

4.  Add another layer if desired repeating Step 3.

5.  Top with a nice coat of Dip Top and cap the edges to avoid peeling.  Dry time may take longer than usual (Do NOT add Activator as it will remove the chrome).

IN THE ALTERNATIVE, you can add a Dip Base over your chrome and then Clear (instead of Step 5) and then Activate and Top with 2 coats of Dip Top. 


1.  Apply your Dip Powder using the Gel Method.  (OR, you can use Dip Liquids then finish with Gel as you would with any chrome powder.  In this case, you would begin with a layer of Gel Base, cure then move onto Step 2).

2.  Add your Gel Top and only cure 20-30 seconds.  Wipe on the Liquid Chrome evenly and wait about 10 seconds.

3.  Using your finger, (or makeup sponge) vigorously rub in the chrome but do not rub too hard.  This could remove the chrome.  Add another layer if desired.

4.  Add your Gel Top and cap the free edge then cure according to the directions on your bottle.


INGREDIENTS: Silicon Dioxide, Titanium Dioxide 

More Info

All main line Dip powders are sold by weight. Because of this, the amount of powder in the jar may vary depending on powder weight.

An exception to this rule includes Sub Colors, which are sold by 1/4 oz. jars filled to the top. Settling will occur during shipment.

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of these products, we do not offer refunds.

Should you have any issues or concerns with our products, please reach out to us using the chat feature on this websute and we will do our best to rectify the issue.