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Double Dipp'd Dip Powder

Handmade Mani Sleeves With Love from Christine

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My Mommy's hands made us matching clothes, her hands worked hard to raise us, here hands held us when we were sad, her hands held my babies when they were young.  My Mommy's hands were warm and comforting and though I cannot hold them now, I wish I could.  I will always treasure my Mommy's hands and now I make these Mani Sleeves for your hands with Love from Christine (My Mommy).

My Mommy's passion was sewing.  It was her life.  She wanted to sew for everyone but never opened that shop.  She made hundreds, possible thousands of things throughout her life.  I know if she were here today, that would continue.

I don't know how many I will make, or how often I will make them, but these Mani Sleeves are a tribute to my Mommy, who would be so proud that I picked up my sewing machine and tried something new. <3

All these Sleeves are named after women in my Mommy's life.  She had 6 sisters and so many friends.  Each of these sleeves represents a part of her life filled with love and friendships. Many of these are extremely limited and will not be remade.  If you like it, grab it fast! 

There are basically two types of sleeves. Stretchy Lace and Non Stretchy Lace. Some of the Non Stretchy Lace sleeves have been made a bit bigger to fit better. 

*Discounts and points will not apply to these handmade creations.

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