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Double Dipp'd Dip Powder

Chrome and Dust Powders

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Want to dress up your manicure? Try applying these "Dust" powders to one or more of your nails to make them shine! There are a variety of colors and types to choose from! So easy and fun to apply! Each powder comes with an applicator brush. You can also use a nail sponge.  These photos were taken after using a black dip base.  These powders will look totally different if you use a lighter base color on your nails.

  1. Purple/Blue Rainbow Dust approx. 3g
  2. Pink Holo Chrome Dust approx. 1g
  3. Purple Holo Chrome Dust approx. 1g
  4. Silver Holo Chrome Dust approx. 1g
  5. Vampire Dust approx. 1g
  6. Chameleon Fantasy Chrome - Peacock approx. 1g
  7. Chameleon Fantasy Chrome - Royalty approx. 1g
  8. Chameleon Fantasy Chrome - Dragon approx. 1g
  9. Aurora Periwinkle Unicorn Chrome - approx. 2g
  10. Aurora Pink Unicorn Chrome - approx. 2g

Please note:  Due to structure differences, the Dust in the jars of the same weight may appear different. All are filled by weight, not by volume.  Settling also occurs in the jar during transport.  These jars will NOT be filled to the top.  

Apply these after your manicure is complete! They work with a gel or regular topcoat. Yes! You can use them over dip, but you must seal the manicure with either a no wipe gel or regular top coat for best results! In this case, you would skip the last activator step and use your no wipe gel or regular top coat using the following instructions. A little powder goes a long way!

For use with a gel top coat (with UV/LED lamp)
Use a sponge eyeshadow applicator to tap on the powder. At this point, it may not look smooth. Simply dip your foam applicator into the powder, and start tapping it onto your nail. Start from the cuticle area, and work your way down towards the tip.
Use the applicator to gently buff the powder into your nail. After your nails are coated with powder, use the foam applicator to gently buff the powder into your nails. You can also use the tip of your finger. Do not use too much pressure or you could create dents. As you buff, the finish will get smoother and smoother.
Wipe clean a soft brush or rubbing alcohol. Grab a soft, fluffy eyeshadow brush and gently sweep the tops of your nails to knock off any excess powder. You can also use a thin brush or Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol to wipe down the skin around your nails.
Apply a no-wipe top coat, and cure it for 30 seconds. Once your nails have cured, you are done and ready to show them beauties off!

For use with regular top coat (no UV/LED lamp)
Apply a non-water based top coat and wait until it is dry to the touch. Don’t let the top coat dry all the way. You want it to feel rubbery, but not sticky or tacky. If you apply the powder too soon, you will have a mess. On the other hand, if you wait too long, the powder won’t stick.

Tap on the mirror powder using a foam eyeshadow brush. Start from the cuticle area and work your way towards the tip. Gently flick the brush down as you tap the powder on.
Buff the powder into the polish. Once you have your nail coated with powder, gently buff the surface with the foam eyeshadow brush. To avoid making dents, do not apply too much pressure. As you continue to buff, the surface will get smoother and smoother.
Wipe off any excess powder. Use a soft brush, such as an eyeshadow brush or a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol.
Apply a water-based top coat, making sure to coat the tip of your nail. If you use a regular top coat, you could experience cracking or a dull mirror finish.
Finish off with a regular top coat. To lengthen the finish on your manicure, once you have applied a water-based top coat, you can safely use any type of top coat.
Wait for your top coat to finish drying. Once it is dry, you can show off your new manicure!

More Info

All main line Dip powders are sold by weight. Because of this, the amount of powder in the jar may vary depending on powder weight.

An exception to this rule includes Sub Colors, which are sold by 1/4 oz. jars filled to the top. Settling will occur during shipment.

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of these products, we do not offer refunds.

Should you have any issues or concerns with our products, please reach out to us using the chat feature on this websute and we will do our best to rectify the issue.