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Double Dipp'd Dip Powder

Brushes for Art/Detail/Multi Use

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We have 3 sets of new Nail Brushes.  Nail brushes can assist you in many ways.

Set 1 - Liner Brushes - This set of 3 brushes are thin liners enabling you to "line" your nails easily.

Set 2 - Ombre Brushes - This set of 9 brushes are all used to blend.  You can mix your dip powder with gel top and use these brushes to create ombre nails.  Also can be used with all gel polishes.

Set 3 - Multi use Brushes - There are a total of 13 useful brushes in this package.  From Fluffy ones to brush off your powder between dips to the angled brush for those intricate details.  You will find one to suit just about all your brush needs.

More Info

As of 2/1/24, all dip powders are being filled by volume in 1/4 oz jars (filled to the top) and no longer sold by weight, as they had previously been. However, many powders that were filled prior to that will still be in jars that were filled by weight. Powders filled in 1 oz jars (mostly our Clear Glows and Clear) will be noted in the listing as such. A small amount of settling will occur during shipment.

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of these products, we do not offer refunds.

Should you have any issues or concerns with our products, please reach out to us using the chat feature on this websute and we will do our best to rectify the issue.