Troubleshooting with Gel Liquids/Builder Gel

Troubleshooting with Gel Liquids/Builder Gel

Are you having issues with your Gel/Builder Gel lifting?  Here are some things to consider and check if you are!

1.  Do you "prep" your nails before starting?  Nail beds generally are oily.  To combat oily nails, we dehydrate them using a Prep/Bond or even Rubbing Alcohol (alcohol wipe).  

2.  In addition to prepping the nail to remove oils, you need to push back cuticles or remove the invisible cuticle.  Not doing this can cause the gel to lift at the cuticle area.

3.  Make sure you do not get any gel products on your skin.  Gel on your skin, no matter how little, can cause lifting.  Before curing the gel product, make sure you wipe away any gel that is on your skin area.  

4.  Improper curing time can also contribute to lifting.  Make sure you are curing your gels according to the directions on your bottle, BUT take into consideration your lamp wattage.  48 watts is the absolute minimum wattage for a proper cure.  If your lamp is less wattage, you will need to cure longer.  You cannot over cure, but you CAN under cure.  Under curing will cause the gel to peel.

5.  Gel Base is tacky after curing.  This is necessary for Gel Top to stick.  

6.  Some Gel Topcoats only need ONE coat.  These are generally the Ultra Shine Top Coats.  Doing 2 coats will cause bubbling.  

7.  Some Gel products will inhibit UV Dips from changing in the sun.  All of our Gel products are that way.  Using them will inhibit most of our UV dips from changing. (We do have a few dip powders in stock that are compatible with our Gels).

8.  When using liquid Builder Gels, you must build thin layers to obtain your desired result.  Adding thick layers to save time will only cause the gel to improperly cure and eventually peel/lift.  The Non Sticky Builder Gel is an exception to this.  It is a thicker product which can be used in one layer.

9.  Liquid Builder Gels stay sticky until you wipe with alcohol.  Before filing/buffing, you need to wipe the nails with alcohol.