October Quarterly Subscription Blog Post

October Quarterly Subscription Blog Post


Hello and welcome to all the new sub members! This is the FIRST Quarter for our two Liquid Subscriptions.  We are excited you are here!

This Blog Post will be super helpful to you throughout the next few months!  Please remember to come back and view it if you have questions.  Because our Subscription Program is now run directly through our website and most of it is automated, this Blog Post will be super short and to the point!


While you are subscribed, you have access to our Secret Sub Menu!  Colors will be randomly listed there for sale ONLY for current Subscription Members.  These colors will be offered in limited supply.  Check the website often to see if new colors have been added!


As a subscription member, you are also able to purchase past exclusive subscription colors (Both from the Powder and Liquid Subs). You must be logged into your account on the website to view and purchase those colors. To see these colors, you can search "exclusive". 


We will have a Sub Only Event sometime this quarter. This may be a special color release, special sale or freebies!  More details to come!


Your new subscription is run directly through our website so YOU must keep your address and payment method updated.  MAILING LABELS WILL NOT BE VOIDED AND RE-ADDRESSED ONCE MAILING LABELS ARE PRINTED (Always by the week prior to the first bags going out). Should you find your address is incorrect on your label, make sure your mail is being forwarded to avoid further delay in receiving your bag.


You will receive an email from DOUBLE DIPP'D when your bag ships out.  If you don't see one, check your Spam folder and mark the email as "not spam" to avoid delay in the future.


When the Mystery Powder subscription bags go out, we will post an Event in our Facebook Group with Spoilers. If you do not wish to see the colors before you get your bag, do not "join" the event. Also, posting the colors in the Facebook Group will be prohibited EXCEPT in that event OR on the contest post until the all clear is given and everyone has received their bag. This is a Mystery Subscription and for that reason, we do this.

Look for "safe spoilers" to appear in our Facebook Group throughout the period of time leading up to the mailing of these bags. I will never give out enough information to completely "spoil" your surprise!


The Powder received in the Liquid Subscriptions ONLY will be shown when the bags are mailed out. (These will NOT be Mystery powders and can be shown in our FB Group upon receipt)


Only our Perfectly Paired Mystery Bag is themed.  The Theme for October is "I Want Candy!"


We will be changing up our Sub Contests effective immediately.  We will still have two contests, BUT they will be new contests (details to come) These are done for fun.  Please consider participating!  WHO DOESN'T WANT THE CHANCE TO WIN SOMETHING?


We send out important emails ONLY to subscription members about events taking place while you are subscribed in addition to regular emails that include all customers.  IF you are NOT subscribed to our newsletter, you will not receive those emails.  To subscribe to our newsletter, go to the bottom of the home page on the website and add your account email address.  Additionally, we have a Text Alert system that we use to announce New Releases, Sales and other important events. I would highly suggest signing up if you have not.  We do not typically send out more than one text per week, unless we have a Release and a Live that week.

One more thing!!

We thank you for being a part of our Quarterly Subscription Bag program!  Getting surprise dip powders and/or a New set of Liquids each quarter is fun for all!  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!