July 2024 Quarterly Subscription Bag/Box

July 2024 Quarterly Subscription Bag/Box

Hello and Welcome to all new Quarterly Sub Bag/Box customers!  If you have had a subscription for a while, then you know the drill!  

This Blog post will be short but sweet!  Should you need to update/change anything about your Subscription, visit the "Manage Subscription" tab from your account on the website.  You MUST be signed in to view it.  From there, you can update your address, payment method and even cancel your subscription.  You cannot find your discount code there, however, everyone receives an email when their bag transaction is processed with the new code for the quarter.  

This Quarter the code is: JULYSUB24. This code will change quarterly.  Keeping a screenshot of that initial email in your phone is recommended.

The value of your discount code is 25% while you are subscribed.  While there are a few things on the website that you cannot apply the discount code to, most purchases are eligible.  The exclusions include handmade resin and mani sleeves and anything already on sale (unless specified otherwise).


All future payments for each quarter will be due on the first of each quarter (March, June, September and December) for bags shipping in April, July, October and January.  This is so that we can control the existing vs. new subscriptions without cutting them off early wherein some of you could be in danger of losing your subscription if originally purchased at the end of the open window.  I don't want any of that to happen!  

Also, remember that if your payment fails on the first try, you are able to rectify it and the system will notify you via email and try again the next day and one more time on the second day.  Should all 3 attempts fail, your subscription will be canceled and you will be notified by email.  If this happens and we are not full yet, contact me to retry your payment and reactivate your subscription.  I cannot do anything until 3 failed attempts.

SUPER IMPORTANT:  Your subscription auto renews!  DO NOT resubscribe quarterly and ask me to cancel your first one.  This results in extra processing fees on my end and I will ultimately have to charge you those fees to cancel your extra subscription. I do not want to do this, but the amount of times this happens each quarter ends up costing me at least the price of 1 subscription bag.  

Customers who pay for subscriptions using Shop Pay do not have their payment methods stored in their customer profiles in Shopify. Instead they have to make these changes themselves from within their Shop Pay account. Please refer to the below instructions on how to adjust this in the Shop App.
View your Shop Pay subscription orders
To view your subscription orders with Shop Pay, you need to log in to Shop through a web browser.
  1. Enter your email, and then click Continue.
  2. In the Verify your identity section, complete one of the following options:Enter the six-digit verification code sent to your phone number. Click Send me a code by email instead, and then enter the six-digit verification code that was sent to your email.
After you log in, in the Active orders section, click the subscription order that you want to view.
You can change the Shop Pay card that you use to pay for your subscription order by either choosing another card, or by adding a new card to Shop Pay.
  1. In the Active orders section, click on the subscription order that you want to edit.
  2. Scroll down to your subscription details, and then click Edit payment method.
  3. Do one of the following:Choose an existing card on your Shop Pay account, and then click Update. Click + Use a different card to add a new card to Shop Pay.
  4. Click Update.
  1. In the Active orders section, click on the subscription order that you want to remove Shop Pay from.
  2. Scroll down to your subscription details, and then click Edit payment method.
  3. Click Remove Shop Pay to remove your payment method from your subscription, and then click Remove Shop Pay again to confirm.
  4. Optional: To manage your subscription, you need to visit the online store that you purchased from. Removing Shop Pay as a payment method doesn't cancel your subscription order.

I cannot wait for you to receive your Bag/Box this quarter!  For those of you who want to see the colors before you receive your bag/box, we have created a "SPOILER GROUP".  You can find that group on Facebook using the following link: http://www.facebook.com/groups/2659521890870860 

Remember, by joining this group, you will see all colors ahead of time (some may be mystery collections such as the 12 Days of Double Dipp'd Christmas Box colors). If you wish to remain surprised, do NOT join the Spoiler Group. 

Our Theme for our July Bag is "BEACH PLEASE"