Resin Nailfie Props

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These Resin Props are a great way to show off your Nailfies after working so hard on your mani! Hold in your hand, pose your fingers and take a Nailfie! These props are time consuming to produce and will be added to inventory as they are made. 

Coloring and intensity of color will vary as these are all handmade products. Depending on the setting of the resin, props many not be exactly the same as another of the same color.

Also, great care is taken to minimize air bubbles in the props. However, the backside of the props may definitely contain tiny air bubbles as in many of the colors, it is impossible to get them all. 

Please remember that resin is a hard plastic material and, because the backside of these molds are open, some of the creations may have sharper edges than others.