Resin Mani Ring - Clear/Blue Foil

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These rings are made from Resin and are a great way to decorate your hand to take those Nailfies!  Rings are made with premium quality pigments and other foils, flakes and mermaid powders.

Some things to note with these rings:

Rings in the same color may vary slightly in shade or otherwise depending on the makeup.

Rings may have slight imperfections (bubbles or spots that cured where bubbles formed or extra hardened resin) I do file down the rings edge, but it can be tough to get it all.

Sizes are APPROXIMATE. If it's bigger than a whole size but not quite as big as the next size, I label it as the smaller size.

Remember these rings are just hard plastic and can break.  These are not intended for long use wear or wear in conditions other than taking photos.  Chemicals and other cleaning products may cause them to discolor or break.  These are novelty rings for photo taking and light use only.